A List of Deadening Things, pt. 2

Deadening (the opposite of radicalizing) things, continued. We can endeavor to avoid what we can identify.

Looking at a screen

Too much responsibility

Being given options when you don’t have a preference

Not relating to presented concerns

Being talked down to

Having nothing expected of you

Listening to people complain

Filling out a form, then being asked the same questions verbally

Unapproved edits

Bills->late payment notices

Sitting in a deep chair for a long time

Ill health and pain

Having people not take one’s concerns seriously

The material difference between the good and bad rendition of ideas (this can be radicalizing in some instances)

The shittiness and overseas manufacture of expensive stuff

The concept ‘TMI’, and by extension Swiffers and the like

Signs that tell you obvious things: “Push to operate door”

That pervasive feeling that rules are everywhere: ‘we’re probably not supposed to be here…’

Eating too much rich food

Feeling you aught to know already

Only one correct way to do a thing

An unmentionable difference between what’s said and what is

Images of opulence or despair, perhaps images altogether


Mental exhaustion

Commodified choices: ‘click to help’

Ridicule, shame, fear

False concern, excessive concern

Misinformation, received wisdom

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