I started this writing project not because I believe I have a silver bullet, or that my views are unique, but because I am so scared by our changing climate that I’m trying to turn my whole life to face in that direction, and I hope to find a world full of other people similarly motivated. I write to egg myself on (optimism is my fuel and my most precious resource), and draw from experience, study and self examination. I hope to be wide open to critique that’s given in the spirit of generosity and engagement.

I focus on myself not because I think I’m more important than anyone else, but because I only have access to my own insides. My conviction is that if I look inward with enough integrity, I will find the world there. But our introspection has to inspire and guide our action if we’re to stand a chance. And right action begets delight.

The title Grandgather was originally a typo for grandfather I made while transcribing an interview. When I saw it, it seemed to describe very well the tactic of pulling from all disciplines and subjects; the wider I look the more fruitful structural comparisons have become.

“Why not simply leave the pathological questions out?

To this I reply in two ways: first, I say, irrepressible curiosity imperiously leads me on;

and I say, secondly, that it always leads to a better understanding of a thing’s significance to consider its exaggerations and perversions, its equivalents and substitutes and nearest relatives elsewhere.”

-William James, Varieties of Religious Experience


All text and images are the original work of the author unless otherwise noted, and should not be reproduced without written permission. Contact the author at thegrandgather (at) gmail (dot) com.


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